Mattel Thundercats Toy Fair 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Mattel Thundercats

We finally get to see (almost) the entire lineup of the first Thundercats club subscription!  Mattel brought every figure, but unfortunately Panthro lost his head in transport so they decided not to show him.  We still had a good look at what should be an excellent subscription from Mattycollector.  The figures shown (in order of release) are: Lion-O, Jackalman, Pumrya, and Mumm-Ra.  Panthro is the final figure of the year, shipping in December.

It was also mentioned on Pixel-Dan’s video walk through that there will be a Thundercats SDCC exclusive, and according to Cornboy of the Four Horsemen it won’t be something big fans would want to miss.  It is not too late to subscribe either, so if you want in check out the subscription page over at Mattycollector.  You have the option to have your cats mailed monthly, or one bulk shipping in December.

I wasn’t a huge Thundercats fan in the past, but since they are using the MOTUC bodies and parts this line almost feels like a Classics expanded universe.  So I’m definitely giving this series a try.


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