Hasbro Star Wars Black #33 Sabine Wren Six-Inch Review

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #33 Sabine Wren Review

From the small sampling I’ve subjected myself to, the Star Wars: Rebels television show is pretty enjoyable. It isn’t something I’d tune into weekly in order to see new episodes, but if my son is watching it I’ll take a look and get into it for the half hour it’s on. What I like most about the series is that it feels like well written expanded universe content. This is even further cemented by the inclusion of expanded universe darling, Grand Admiral Thrawn.

If you’ve been keeping up with the transition of the Star Wars franchise from Lucasfilm to Disney, at some point they announced that all of the expanded universe content would no longer be considered canon. This was probably a good idea anyway since anything past the ‘Heir to the Empire‘ series wasn’t all that great, and like most fan-fiction bordered on or passed over into completely bat shit insane. Disney has a distinct advantage in waving off the expanded universe. This allows them to pick and choose the good parts they may want to incorporate into their Star Wars universe without worrying about the baggage from the books. It isn’t surprising that Thrawn was brought back into official canon, he’s a pretty cool dude.

But this review isn’t about Thrawn. I wish it was because I would LOVE to own a six-inch black series action figure of him. I’m guessing it is only a matter of time, though, since the 3 3/4″ line has one coming up.

Hasbro Star Wars Black #33 Sabine Wren Six-Inch Review

This article will be reviewing Sabine Wren, the colorful female Mandalorian from the Ghost crew. She’s also one of my most anticipated Hasbro Star Wars figures of 2016. Ever since I saw her prototype at Toy Fair back in February I was smitten! I loved how much bright paint was used to portray her tagged up armor. I’m also happy to report that just about all of that paint made it to the production figure. The tags on her chest and shoulder armor are in tact and very cleanly applied. The paint slop on her boots and forearms also made it to the final retail toy. It can’t be stressed enough, Hasbro really outdid themselves on Sabine’s paint deco.

Sabine comes packaged with two blasters, her helmet, and her spray paint device. Both of the guns can be holstered when not in use. Unfortunately, I can’t find a place to store her other contraption. Her helmet is made of a rubbery plastic and can be slid over her head, and the antenna is on a swivel joint so it can be moved back and forth. The helmet is definitely a tight fit, but it will eventually work itself into the proper position over her head. The only concern I have with this type of helmet long term is the paint rub, especially since her hair is so vibrant in color. I’ll always prefer the helmet be an alternate head, but that is not the case here.

When Sabine has her helmet on, she is almost a perfect toy. Unmasked she isn’t my favorite, but it’s a look that I likely won’t display her in anyway. While all the paint on her outfit is clean, she does have an ever so slight lazy eye. Since I ordered online I didn’t really get to inspect multiple figures to see if this was a trend, so it very well could just be a one-off for the figure I bought. However, it does suck to stare into those eyes while they stare off in another direction.

Hasbro Star Wars Black #33 Sabine Wren Six-Inch Review

Well done Hasbro! Sabine rocks just about as much as I thought she would. Please keep these Rebels figures coming as they are the only Hasbro Star Wars figures I’m actively collecting right now. Some online retailers have started shipping her and her wave-mates (Princess Leia, Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Revan, AT-AT Pilot, and Snowtrooper) as of last week. I’ve also heard Gamestop got these in physical stores. However, it may be worth keeping an eye on Amazon.

Hasbro Star Wars Black #33 Sabine Wren Six-Inch Review

Hopefully she ends up easier to track down than Ahsoka Tano was.


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  1. Horrible character, but typical of all the other junk Disney has foisted upon the franchise since getting their greedy hooks into it.

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