Hasbro Star Wars Black #34 Darth Revan Six-Inch Review

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #34 Darth Revan Review

If you haven’t played the Knights of the Old Republic video game series then the name ‘Darth Revan‘ isn’t likely a familiar one. That’s okay though! Just head on over to Wookiepedia and spend a few months reading the novel worth of information about him. Once you are done you’ll probably be even more confused as to what his deal is, but that’s fine. The most important thing with Star Wars villains is that they look cool. Revan checks out as far as that is concerned. Darth Revan is cool and won the fan poll last year, however, I voted for Darth Nihilus.

I’m not usually a proponent of action figures using soft goods, but Revan pulls it off pretty well. His cloak and skirt are pretty unobtrusive and lite-weight. This gives his legs free reign to move around and take advantage of all their articulation. Which would be great if his hips and ankles weren’t so loose! There are also holes and uneven cuts at the bottom of his cloak giving it that torn up ‘evil‘ look. Revan has either been through some serious shit, or he just walks a lot and drags his cloak behind him.

He comes packed with two lightsabers. As with most (if not all?) Black Series lightsabers, the blades can be removed from the hilt. I believe that the saber with the violet blade was the one he used when he first donned the name ‘Revan.‘ The red blade was used when he was a Sith Lord. I’m surprised they didn’t include blue blade for when he was redeemed, but then again he didn’t wear the mask anymore at that point so that wouldn’t be very accurate.

Speaking of Revan’s mask and hood, I wish they had implemented it a little different. The perfect example of what I want would be Gamora from the Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy box set. Sculpting the hooded head as its own part gives him the ability to turn it without looking like his head is getting lost inside of his hood. He looks find when he’s just facing forward, but once you turn that head the problems with the hood become pretty clear.

Hasbro Star Wars Black #34 Darth Revan Six-Inch Review

I believe that Revan may be a little bit under-scaled. He’s generally shown as about a head taller than Darth Malak, so he should have a little more height. He may actually work a little better scale-wise with the slightly smaller Bandai Figuarts Star Wars collection.

I like Darth Revan because he’s an Expanded Universe character in the six-inch Black Series. He kind of snuck in right before the expanded universe got expunged, all thanks to a fan vote. With the aggressive Disney Star Wars movie schedule we probably aren’t going to see too many guys like this again. Hell, we barely get full rosters from the actual movies! For all of his less endearing qualities, Revan is still a nice piece of shelf candy. He’ll look great standing there among your other Star Wars figures, but don’t expect any real epic poses out of him.

Hasbro Star Wars Black #34 Darth Revan Six-Inch Review

If you are looking for him I’d suggest keeping an eye on Amazon. However, if you want the entire case you may want to check out Entertainment Earth.


2 thoughts on “Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #34 Darth Revan Review”

  1. I’m going to buy this figure mainly because I love the KOTOR games (Except The Old Republic). I hope I can find him on the toy shelves.

    I’m at least glad Hasbro is giving us Black series figures based on EU characters. I hope to see Bastila Shan, Mara Jade and Galen Marek/Starkiller next, but I don’t think we may see the latter two since Luke is single in canon again while the Starkiller name is now used for something else.

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