Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch AT-AT Driver Review

Review Advent Calendar Day 1: Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #31 AT-AT Driver

This year I want to challenge myself! As you can probably guess I am only human and can’t review everything that I buy. So I’ve decided that with the holiday season approaching I would look back on the figures I’ve bought this year that never got a proper review in addition to the new ones coming in. I’ll be doing short reviews of these figures, twenty-five of them to be exact. And the end goal is to decide if they go on the ‘naughty‘ or ‘nice‘ list.

How is this all going to work out? I don’t really know, I only came up with the idea today. So let’s just get right into it:

Preternia’s Review Advent Calendar 2016 Day One:
Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch #31 AT-AT Driver

Characters that pilot a specific vehicle are an interesting sell in a six-inch scaled line. Now I’m not talking about the Luke Skywalkers or Han Solos of the world, because the have additional functions past piloting their respective X-Wing or Millennium Falcon. The AT-AT Driver, on the other hand, is a fascinating release because he’s a faceless mask whose job is to drive the AT-AT.

An AT-AT that is never going to happen in six-inch scale!

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch AT-AT Driver Review

While ‘Frank the AT-AT Driver‘ will probably never have a properly scaled vehicle to pilot, people still love their masked troopers so I’m sure he’ll still be a big hit. It’s also a smart release because Hasbro’s strength is doing masked army building characters. It’s typically when they have to nail an actor’s likeness that things start to fall apart with the Star Wars Black Series. This is because of the more basic paint applications on the figures’ faces, the sculpts are usually pretty good. Masked figures usually shine since their costume work has almost always been a strong point.

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch AT-AT Driver Review

I hope you aren’t looking for a giant load out of accessories with this guy. He only has one, the standard imperial blaster. I can’t really count this as a negative because in all honesty, what else would you include with an AT-AT Driver? A cup of coffee? An air freshener? A miniature model of an AT-AT because he loves his job so much? Anyhow, he can be left or right handed since both hands have trigger fingers. My Walgreens Marvel Legends Punisher is jealous since he didn’t even get one!

Hasbro Star Wars Black Six-Inch AT-AT Driver Review

Truth be told I only bought the AT-AT Driver because he came in a case with Sabine and Darth Revan. However, I’m going to keep him (or her?). It’s a solid figure. He certainly isn’t lighting my world on fire, but he also isn’t doing anything wrong. Hasbro did a nice job making a figure I have no real affinity towards.

Verdict: NICE!


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