Hasbro Marvel Legends Black Panther Walmart Exclusive Review

Hasbro Marvel Legends Walmart Black Panther Review

Black Panther got a decent amount of heat after last year’s Avengers (officially a Captain America movie but let’s be honest here …) movie, the kick-ass toy from said movie, and the announcement of his own feature film coming next year. So while we have a great movie-themed Black Panther in Marvel Legends, it’s been a while since we’ve seen him in comic form. In fact the last time was 2013’s Rocket Raccoon build-a-figure wave. Black Panther came in a strange color scheme that was more blue than black. Regardless of its color, though, that figure has still been one of the most sought after Marvel Legends of recent times, thus commanding a very high secondary market price.

Thankfully that all changes soon! Walmart is back at it again this year with the exclusive Marvel Legends connection. Last year they brought us Civil War’s versions of Winter Soldier and Falcon. This year it’s time for the return of comic Black Panther. Does Walmart have any other exclusives planned for this year? We have no idea yet. Officially this figure hasn’t even been announced. However, expect to get a little more info around Toy Fair in a few weeks.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Black Panther Walmart Exclusive Review

Not a fan of “Blue Panther?” For some reason early Hasbro had a thing about giving characters with black outfits, blue highlights. If you recall the Symbiote Spider-Man from the Red Hulk wave had this weird blue shading as well. The good news as this Panther is black as they come. In the last year they have managed to correct the two biggest offenders of the dreaded blue shading.

Not only is he the correct color but he also comes packaged with a whole collection of new accessories including alternate hands, a necklace, spear, and a cape. These are all reused parts from other figures, but they work surprisingly well. The most shocking of the bunch is Adam Warlock’s cape which fits this figure perfectly. It actually fits so well that I didn’t even notice it was Adam’s cape until I got a really good look at the clasp around the neck area.

The spear was taken from Kraven, and Black Panther was given two new hands to hold it. T’Challa also has a new belt that the original release did not sport.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Black Panther Walmart Exclusive Review

While it’s always great to get a new figure like Invisible Woman as a store exclusive, this type of release makes perfect sense as well. You hear the term “wasted slot” thrown around in toy circles, but I would never consider Black Panther as such. He serves many purposes including getting a hard to find figure back in collector’s hands as well as upgrading the previous release. I never really had a problem with the blue shading on the original, but now having this in hand I realized I may have been settling for it.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Black Panther Walmart Exclusive Review

Black Panther will be a Walmart exclusive, but has not yet been officially announced. Keep an eye on Amazon as these things tend to end up there as well.


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