Mastermind Creations R-19 Kultur (Tarn) Review

Mastermind Creations R-19 Kultur (Tarn) Review

You probably wouldn’t believe I still dip my toe in the Transformers third-party market from my lack of reviews, but I do in fact indulge from time to time. Transformer reviews give me anxiety. There are a ton of people out there doing amazing work, which in turn makes me more critical of my writing and photography. To the point that I get so critical of it that nothing ever actually gets done, and that completely stresses me out. However, I’m going to give it a go today.

I really like the direction Mastermind Creations has taken in the current third-party climate. While most companies have turned exclusively to the Masterpiece scale and aesthetic, MMC has decided to keep their figures Generations-sized with a large focus on the IDW comic series. This has brought us some incredible figures we’ll probably never see from Hasbro (at least in the IDW style) such as Kaon, Vos, Overlord, and Megatron. In addition, there are quite a few more in the pipeline.

Kultur is a big robot. However, his box size can be deceiving. Kultur folds up surprisingly compact into his alt-mode, and that’s how he’s packed up in his box. He includes instructions, a character card, and the parts to put together his twin fusion cannon. The funny thing about his instruction book is that 80% of it is comic! For such a big dude he has a surprisingly simple transformation. I was actually able to do just about everything blind except for the folding of the arm treads, those threw me off at first.

An interesting fact about Tarn is that he believed in Megatron’s message so much that he carved a Decepticon logo into his face-plate. Third party companies like Mastermind Creations have always operated with a bit of a wink and nudge towards the characters they are referencing. Usually being careful enough not to include any type of trademarked material like the Autobot or Decepticon symbols. Kultur’s face mask is about as close to a Decepticon logo as you are going to get without quite being one.

The face-plate is also removable! So you can see the plain-Jane robot head underneath. A light up feature for Kultur’s eyes would have been really cool, but I imagine both his price and transformation would have to be adjusted to accommodate such a thing.

Overall, Kultur is a great addition to the Mastermind Creations ‘Reformatted‘ line. He also gets us one step closer to completing the DJD (Decepticon Justice Division). I know some people like more complicated builds, but I think Kultur’s is just right for a guy like me who gets stressed out over more involved or fragile transformations. The only real complaint I have here is the price. He’s a nice sized robot, but the at around $130 he stings the wallet. I think his sweet spot would be about $100 for me. Third party Transformer prices have been trending down in the last few years, so I’m guessing Kulter didn’t quite get that memo. He was probably too busy reading poetry and killing non-believers.

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