Unofficial Third Party Blizzard Overwatch Widowmaker Action Figure Review

Unofficial Third Party Blizzard Overwatch Widowmaker Action Figure Review

What a horrifically generic title, no? I’m not sure what else to call it, though, since I really have no idea what the name of the company that makes this figure is. The best translation I have found is “Where The Studio,” but that is a hell of a weird name. Either way, yes you are looking at a third party, unlicensed, fully articulated action figure of Widowmaker from Blizzard’s Overwatch. She’s titled as “Black Lily” and is number one in a line that looks to be planning to include a and Tracer at a later point.

Now I totally understand the notion that nobody who actually plays Overwatch wants to ever see a Widowmaker on their team. Almost 95% of Widowmaker pickers are bad, and will contribute nothing to your team. It’s actually a scientifically proven fact! Sniping classes generally attract people that are really bad at them. However, I don’t hold that against the character herself. Which is why I have no problem buying her unofficial action figure.

I think that the best way to describe this figure is that it’s very much like a Figma, but with more Revoltech style joints. She comes with a decent selection of accessories including a bunch of extra hands, a retracted sniper rifle, a fully extended sniper rifle, and an alternate masked head. As far as the hands go you have a couple of open hand options for holding up her gun, there is also a pointing finger, and finally one flipping the bird. I don’t ever recall Widowmaker flipping people off in the game, but there you go!

Unofficial Third Party Blizzard Overwatch Widowmaker Action Figure Review

The hands can be swapped by pulling them out via the double-pin ball joint. This is one of those spots where I would definitely exercise caution, especially the first time plugging a hand into the pin because it can be a little tight. While working in the joint occasionally I felt like I was putting too much pressure on the pin, and feared that I could have snapped it. They never did, but I do think it’s something to look out for.

On the subject of joints and articulation, she is a bit looser than a typical Figma. She also stands pretty well for me, but when posing her I’ve found it’s very easy to knock her legs into a split while messing with her top half. Her shoulder joints aren’t the greatest for supporting her sniper rifle. This can be counter-acted a bit by having her hold it with two hands. Widowmaker also has a strange joint that connects her head to the neck. It connects from the side which ends up causing the head to pop off when turned too far. Again, not a huge deal, but some stuff you’d expect to be ironed out on figure you could pay $80+ for.

While the articulation is of questionable quality, the paint is not. Widowmaker has some of the cleanest paint you’ll ever see. For a third-party effort it is phenomenal. All of the little details are there including the spider on her back and the tattoo on her right forearm. She is ever so slightly stylized, as they made her legs really long. Other than that, though, there is no question that this is Overwatch’s Widowmaker.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with this effort. She’s by no means perfect and as of right now the price is a little high, but there really isn’t anything else out there … unless you are into Funko POPs. I think the best course of action if you are interested in this figure is to keep an eye on eBay. More of these are finding their way to the site and it’s dropping the price dramatically. Earlier this month the lowest eBay price was around $150 and as of today it’s almost half that. Patience is something that I should learn one day!

Unofficial Third Party Blizzard Overwatch Widowmaker Action Figure Review

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3 thoughts on “Unofficial Third Party Blizzard Overwatch Widowmaker Action Figure Review”

  1. I’m soo tempted to get her, but I do have a feeling this may be a stolen prototype that hasn’t been released yet, as evident from the other OW statues appearing from good ol’ China

  2. I found one of her for $40 on ebay, would that be a bootleg of this unofficial widowmaker figure since you mentioned cheapest was $150?

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