NECA Terminator 2 Ultimate T-1000 (Motorcycle Cop) Review

NECA Terminator 2 Ultimate T-1000 (Motorcycle Cop) Review

The 90’s sure loved liquid metal effects didn’t they? The Secret World of Alex Mack, Capri Sun commercials, and Michael Jackson music videos. Well, we all have James Cameron’s iconic T-1000 from Terminator 2 to thank for that. The T-1000 was so popular at the time that the actor, Robert Patrick, made one of the greatest cameos in character, in the movie Wayne’s World. Well, NECA is back with a second helping of the unstoppable liquid metal juggernaut in the form of his ‘Motorcycle Cop‘ look for the Ultimate Terminator line.

Ironically enough, he spends more time flying a helicopter and driving a tanker truck than he does on a police motorcycle, but calling him ‘ULTIMATE T-1000 MOTORCYCLE COP BUT ALSO A HELICOPTER PILOT AND A TRUCKER SCREW YOU,’ would be a nightmare for the design team. He comes packed in the usual ‘Ultimate’ style boxed packaging with the design being an homage to the Terminator 2 trading cards. The 90’s sure loved trading cards too, now that I think about it.

The differences are more thorough when you compare him to the first Ultimate release. The original was a standard police uniform where this version has boots, pinstriped pants, and an overcoat. The only thing that really is the same is the waist. They even retool his walkie-talkie placement on his belt, and give the pants different wrinkles to keep it from being a complete clone of the previous figure. As the norm now the articulation has been upgraded from the previous versions that NECA released back in 2011. Much like most older Terminator figures they had no articulation below the waist. He now has single jointed knees, with ball joint hips and ankles so he is free to do some wicked splits or cartwheels.

T-1000 comes with a lot of similar accessories to his previous release! I’m not too crazy about that, but NECA pride themselves in being as accurate as possible to the source material so I can’t fault their mission on that front. He comes with the following:

3 Heads: One with his Helmet and sunglasses, a regular head, and a head split right down the middle after taking a shotgun blast to the face.

6 Hands: A pair of hands that are open, a pair to grip his weapons, and a pair with the index finger spikes extended to stab John Connor’s foster parents in the face again.

1 Extra Forearm: In the form of a blade.

2 Guns: A pistol and a submachine gun.

Now out of those accessories we also got the normal head and the hands with the extended fingers with the previous T-1000. It may feel like a cop out (heh) but if you missed out on the previous figure it’s no big deal. I personally wish they packed something else in like a polaroid photo of John Connor, a head sculpt akin to his cameo from Wayne’s World (his hair was a lot poofier), or even something crazy like the old McFarlane figure that depicted him all blown out after he takes a grenade to the chest. Here’s hoping for a 3rd version!

Overall it’s a pretty good figure! If you haven’t bought either version of T-1000 yet I personally think this one is the better of the two and a welcome addition to the Terminator family. If only they can make a figure of John or even the stuntman T-800 who clearly doesn’t look anything like Arnie in the chase scene after they leave the mall, then we could have a complete collection.


David Boyce

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  1. The Phantom Stranger

    Hey there! Long time lurker, here! Just thought I’d chime in and tell you that he *does* actually come with a polaroid picture of John Connor. If you check behind the plastic tray, there should be a small baggie with the photo of him inside. While it’s not an alternate portrait with poofier hair, at the very least Neca decided to include the picture! Great review as always!


    The Phantom Stranger.

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