Quick Look #2: Hasbro Marvel Legends Alpha Flight Amazon Exclusive Box Set

Quick Look #2: Hasbro Marvel Legends Alpha Flight Amazon Exclusive Box Set

Go dig out your Guardian and Sasquatch build-a-figures, because the calvary has arrived early! Originally slated for a December release, the Marvel Legends Alpha Flight box set has started finding its way into collectors’ lives and their hearts. Reminding us that Canada does exist, and it’s a beautiful place that I am legally not allowed to travel to.

The set includes five characters that have never gotten Marvel Legends previously Shaman, Snowbird, Vindicator, Aurora, and Northstar. If you’ve been collecting Marvel Legends for a while you may remember way back in 2013 that Puck was the build-a-figure of a Wolverine themed wave with an extremely small production run. And if you were one of the 16 people that owned the original Puck, this one is the same but with a new and improved head sculpt and paint job.

I’m really not a huge Alpha Flight fan but I find this model of release enticing. Getting a huge a majority chunk of a superhero team in one box set is great, especially when the alternative is spacing them out into god only knows how many years of X-Men waves. This box set puts a nice bow on the team, with Marrina being the only real omission.

Quick Look #2: Hasbro Marvel Legends Alpha Flight Amazon Exclusive Box Set

While it’s a beautiful set there are a few quality concerns with the set I got. First off, Aurora’s elbows are very tight, so tight that I felt like I was stressing the peg when moving the elbow. I decided to run hot water over both of her elbows and work them a bit to loosen them up. The cold weather could be a factor with these tight joints, but regardless I don’t like to take chances. Northstar, Snowbird, and Aurora also have some unfortunate paint slop.

Not only do I want a bunch of new Marvel Legends action figures, but I feel I should support Canada’s superhero team. When everyone in my personal life finally realizes that I’m trash and leaves me, I’ll take that opportunity to relocate and live the rest of my years in Labrador with my man Donnie Dumphy.

Would I suggest Marvel Legends Alpha Flight Box Set?

This set definitely isn’t for everyone. If you have been waiting on a full Alpha Flight team for years then this is a dream come true. If you could care less it’s a bunch of superhero looking characters that can either be skipped or pad that mutant display. I’m way into it, but at the same time can also see this could be an easy skip in such a Marvel Legends heavy year. Of course, there are some quality issues to be concerned about especially with the paint and female elbow joints.

The Marvel Legends Alpha Flight box set is an Amazon exclusive in the United States and can be purchased through this Amazon affiliate link.

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