MOTUC News: Please don’t let MOTUC die!

In case you haven’t heard, Masters of the Universe Classics is in a bit of a pickle this year.  We had previously heard that even if the line lost 50% of its subscriber base it would still be okay.  Well it looks like that time has come, and it came faster than I think anyone expected.

Scott aka Toy Guru made a statement earlier this week that the subs need to go up or the line is in trouble.  This was the first red flag that there may be problems.  MOTUC has always just kind-of been there as the steadfast constant on Mattycollector.   In my wildest dreams I would have never thought that a week after the amazing reveals everyone seemed so excited for at SDCC, we would already be stressing over the end of the line.

But … we are.  So lets see if we can sort it all and make some sense.

First we have a video that Toy Guru released yesterday showing off a couple of figures you will get with your subscription, and the main focus of this video is explaining why he needs you to subscribe.  Video looks sincere and I think Scott looks a bit flustered, like us he probably didn’t expect as low a turnout as what happened:

There have been a lot of questions thrown out regarding this, and to his credit Scott has tried to answer as many as he can.  Basically it boils down to that they need a minimum commitment to go forward.  I think the panic hit a pretty high note with this response:

[box style=”note”]Q: If MOTUC doesn’t achieve the minimum, could you postpone new characters like King He-Man and concepts like The Fighting Foe Men for already established, actual MOTU characters such as Ram Man, Netossa and Jitsu? Ordinarily, these new characters would be cool, but if MOTUC is in such dire straits, then maybe now is not the time to indulge into these new characters when we haven’t barely touched the New Adventures cast.

A: It is too late to make any changes to 2013.

BUT: what I am doing is reworking 2014. If we can get enough subs to get 2013 done, I will make sure that the 2014 line is reworked to include all remaining vintage figs and all the major NA and POP figures (we might not get to Kayo if you will…).

First step is ensuring 2013 works. Then I will rework 2014 so that if that winds up being the last year, at least we will go out with a bang. It doesn’t mean we couldn’t still get to a 2015 (if support is there) but I am no longer going to follow the 2016 roadmap. I’ve always said what will kill the line is when the figures cost more to produce then fans are willing to pay.If the writing is on the wall, I will do all I can to ensure 2014 finishing things off.[/box]

Where past statements could be construed as “scare tactics,” this seemed a lot more real and makes things sound very bad.  It seems that Scott is basically admitting defeat and getting a sub to squeak by this year.  Then making 2014 the year to get all the main characters done with as little filler as possible.  I’d imagine from there we would get occasional releases at conventions and other sporadic times.  If JLU can go on for this long, I don’t know why MOTUC can’t do the same … they don’t always have to be cranking out figures at the rate they currently are.

Thunder Punch He-Man
Please, don’t let these toys go away!

So this brings us to today.’s podcast Roast Gooble Dinner has had Scott on in the past and they recorded a new show today that I imagine they will put up soon.  Scott talked about the subscription situation.  Since none of us have heard it yet, Pixel-Dan who is one of the co-hosts tweeted some good news on his feed:

[box style=”note”]

  • Talking with ToyGuru for RGD right now. Good info: 2014 will NOT have a price increase. So 2013 increase will hold for a few years.
  • ToyGuru has 2013 mapped out. Legal wont let him announce all of the figures. He would if he could.
  • 2014 promises to complete the vintage MOTU figures and core PoP and NA. Its already figured out. Does NOT mean 2014 is def the end though.
  • It all depends on how sales are.
  • 2013 subscription sales are about 60 – 70 percent less than last year st this time. That’s the reason for his posts.
  • However, ToyGuru is sure that they will hit the minimum, and 2013 will be fine. But subscribers are needed. So that’s the best way to help. (Yay positive news!)
  • ToyGuru: “Best way to say it, if you invest for 2 more years, you’ll have pretty much everyone.” He three out names like Scorpia.
  • After 2014 they can go down to 6 figures a year to get out the more obscure or fan demanded figures.
  • ToyGuru: “When Classics does finish, MOTU as a brand won’t go away. It will continue, possibly with new toy lines.”
  • Mattel realizes MOTU is an important brand. It’ll be like Transformers, Star Wars, etc…ToyGuru promises MOTU wont go away.


So we can see there is finally a little break of positive news to this mostly negative week.  I’m very excited to hear that TG really wants to get most the main cast done and will be making adjustments to get there.

Whatever happens I want my King He-Man and that bitching weathered power-sword.  Lets get those subs signed up for and get 2013 under way.  Til next time!

Don’t let MOTUC die!


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