SDCC 2012: DC, Watchmen, Ghostbusters Reveals

Mattel had a whole lot to say at SDCC about what they are up to.  This included the previously hinted at new subscription they were offering this year.  Although I guessed back to the future, they surprised me by announcing it would be a The Watchmen subscription.  We also got a couple of new Ghostbusters items, and the temperature gauge returns for the DC Infinite Earths subscription.  So let’s take a look at what we got.

The Watchmen:

The new subscription this year is the Watchmen sub.  This sub will be six figures released bi-monthly and ultimately finish the Watchmen team.  The figures will be DCUC scaled and come with a Watchmen base.  The price will also be $25 each.  The following characters are who we will be getting:

  • Rorschach (January 2013)
  • Dr. Manhattan (March 2013)
  • The Comedian
  • Silk Spectre
  • Nite Owl
  • Ozymandias

With the Watchmen Black Freighter sub, you also get the benefit of the other sub such as early access to day-of figures.  There is no sub exclusive figure and it appears they cost the same day-of.


Ghostbusters doesn’t have much gas left in the tank, but at least Mattel decided to get one last ghost out the fans really demanded and that was of course Tony Scoleri.  Tony will come packed with Courtroom Ray which still uses the same not-so-good head, but now you have the courtroom set missing only Egon.  But they complete the Scoleri brothers and I think that deserves a little accommodation.  There will also be a new prop replica: Ecto Goggles.  They have a release date of early 2013.

For pictures, check out TheFwoosh.

DC Unlimited Earths:

Yes the temperature gauge is back this year.  You have to make it to a certain level to have the subscription happen this year, and they made a second tier that if it is reached they will look into new tooling for 2014.  It’s quite amazing that $18 dollar figures will not even get consideration for new tooling especially then the base body has been used for over 4 – 5 years.  But anyways, happy thoughts!  We will


September – Black Mask
October – Poison Ivy, Elasti-Girl
November – Constantine, Uncle Sam
December – Platinum w/ Tin, Oversized Lead

2013: (Price Increase $18 Subscription, $20 day of sale)

There are also no oversized figures factored in to this year’s subscription, just straight 12 figures.  However the club incentive is $30 and is considered oversized.

January – Saint Walker
February – Phantom Stranger
March – Elongated Man
April – Larfleeze
May – Wally West

Club Incentive – Monsieur Mallah with The Brain ($30)

I would suggest checking out TheFwoosh for the best pictures of the DCIE offerings.

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