SDCC 2012: NECA Preview Night

So SDCC officially kicks off tonight and I wanted to cover one of my favorite companies and what they are showing so far.  First, NECA has an announcement planned for 10:00 pm PST that has to do with Portal, so more news will be coming.  They also say it is not just related to replicas so while there could be an Atlas Portal Gun announcement, something else is coming.  We’ll be sure to report once the announcement is made.

Colonial Marines!

SDCC 2012 - NECA: Hudson
NECA – Aliens: Hudson

UPDATE 9:15pm EST – Predator’s Dutch (Arnold!)  There will be both a Covered in Mud Version from the end of the movie, and early movie Dutch.

SDCC 2012 - NECA Predator Dutch
NECA – Predator: Dutch
SDCC 2012 - NECA Predator Dutch
NECA – Predator: Dutch

UPDATE 8:00pm EST – Prometheus has landed!

SDCC 2012 - NECA Prometheus
NECA – Prometheus

From what we can see here, the already announced Prometheus Series 1:

  • Engineer – Pressure Suit
  • Engineer – Flight Suit

What I would guess is series 2:

  • David including a ripped off David head.
  • Holloway – Decaying Face
  • Trilobyte (Mega-Face Hugger)
  • The opening scene Engineer half melting.
  • The Proto-Alien.

Lets focus on the now.  First off NECA has revealed at long last their Kyle Reese from Terminator.

SDCC 2012 - NECA Kyle Reese
NECA – Kyle Reese

And we also have the card mock-up.  Notice the little picture of Sarah Conner.

SDCC 2012 - Kyle Reese Carded Mock-Up
NECA Kyle Reese Carded Mock-Up

Kyle will be part of The Terminator Wave 3, it will also include:

  • Terminator 1 Battle Damaged Face Terminator
  • T1000 Frosted
SDCC 2012 - NECA - Terminator Series 3
NECA – Terminator Series 3

Next up we get our first glimpse at the Bioshock Infinite figures: Elizabeth and what I would assume is a splicer.  The “Columbia Welcomes You” statue is also totally baller … definitely going to be on the lookout for that.

SDCC 2012 - NECA Bioshock Infinite
NECA – Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth

We have some Borderlands previews … including what looks like some new variations of the Psycho Bandit.  I loved when they did this for the monks in Resident Evil 4, these variations are great!

SDCC 2012 - NECA Borderlands
NECA – Borderlands Figures

Nightmare on Elm Street – Dream Warriors Freddy and the furnace diorama:

SDCC - NECA Nightmare on Elm Street
NECA – Nightmare on Elm Street

Stick around, I will continue to update as more is shown at SDCC 2012!

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