Hasbro Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Hasbro Marvel Legends GOTG Mantis Build-A-Figure Review

I’m going to start my second wave of the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends reviews with my most anticipated figure in the wave: Mantis, the build-a-figure. What impresses me most about the Guardians of the Galaxy lineup this year is that Hasbro actually completed the entire the entire team in two waves, and within the same year. Come August we’ll also have the villain of the film, so short of Sean Gunn (and I’m not opposed to this, huge Kirk Gleason fan) we’ll have a complete cast for once!

In comparison, we still don’t have a complete Avengers team from any one movie. That’s correct, the staple team of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is STILL incomplete. It took two to three years to finally get Falcon, and on top of that Vision has yet to be made. It’s fine though. The Avengers are boring and probably my least favorite part of this whole Disney-Marvel cinematic universe experiences. That’s why I appreciate Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, because it mostly stays clear of the overarching Infinity War story line. Similar to the X-Files, I enjoy the self-contained stories while skimming over the main story line.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Even if she had to be a build-a-figure, I’m impressed Hasbro got Mantis out while the movie was still in theaters. She’s a completely unique sculpt and a new character. Nebula or Ronan were not afforded the same luxury the first time around, but I think it’s fair to say the Marvel Legends line was in a different place back then. In order to build her you will need to buy every character in the wave except for Death’s Head II. The breakdown is as follows:

Rocket Racoon – Torso
Adam Warlock – Head
Gamora – Right Leg
Nebula – Left Leg
Star-Lord – Right Arm
Ex-Nihilo – Left Arm

Hasbro Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Mantis’ sculpt is gorgeous but it’s the paints the really bring the character to life. Her outfit is painted over in a beautiful pearlescent green. The paint applications are very clean, even down the rivets on the sides of her pants. The only place I have a tiny bit of paint slop is around her eyes. Which is a bit of a shame, but it’s very tiny and only noticeable at certain angles. The head comes with Adam Warlock, so when these start hitting stores more regularly I may attempt to secure a better painted Mantis head in addition to another Adam.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Regardless of some very slight paint mess I think they captured her personality in the face perfectly. It also helps that they appear to be using a softer plastic for the hair, which makes it so much easier to move her head around. Both Mantis and Gamora really benefit from this change.

The only complaint I have here is that while I love the Hasbro female body, I think it may be time to look into double jointed elbows. I’ve really felt the limitations of their elbow articulation in this wave. And that may be just because it’s such a female heavy lineup. It would be great if Hasbro could explore this for future waves. I don’t feel the need to harp over it because they aren’t just staying stagnant with their engineering like Mattel. For example, the improvements to long hair is fantastic. I’d just like to maybe see better elbow range explored in the future.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure Guardians of the Galaxy Review

If you are into the movie then I think Mantis is a must-have. She’s a gorgeous figure, and it amazes me how much the quality of Hasbro movie product has improved in the last couple years. They really are taking it to the next level. Especially for $20 mass-retail action figures. I suppose the only thing that really stinks if you are a movie figure collector is that you have to get another Star-Lord and a couple of comic figures to complete her. That doesn’t bother me since I buy everything, but I can see the annoyance.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Mantis Build-A-Figure Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Hopefully these figures see official release soon. There seems to be some kind of street date on the official release, but they are out there if you look around or are willing to pay a little extra.

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4 thoughts on “Hasbro Marvel Legends GOTG Mantis Build-A-Figure Review”

  1. Too bad this isn’t the True Mantis, because the movie version and the Guardians comic book version are so far off the mark it isn’t even funny. Just shows what total disrespect for a character and their established history can do. Even the CREATOR of the character, who is a good friend of mine, said that whatever it was that they had on the screen in this movie..it wasn’t Mantis. I WAS going to bite the bullet and see this flick simply because I’m a HUGE Mantis fan, but even tho Pomona Klementieff is a PERFECT casting, the visual isn’t even CLOSE and neither is the history…I’m glad I skipped this movie AND the first one as well. I’ll get the figure simply because I want to try and get as many Avengers as I can, but I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to buy this entire series..I will find it somewhere online instead

    1. the real timmy!

      too bad you’re dumb.

      boo hoo….. not the comic mantis… it’s not supposed to be the comic mantis.

      Its a toy

      don’t watch the movies cause you’re so principled

      cause I know the CREATOR of the character……

      You really sound like a tool…..

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