Marvel Legends GOTG Mantis Series Adam Warlock Review

Marvel Legends GOTG Mantis Series Adam Warlock Review

Alright Hasbro, I’ll accept this apology Adam Warlock for whatever the hell you were doing when you made the Red Hulk build-a-figure wave. Sure, it isn’t the classic version with the Infinity Gauntlet, but I understand that we are moving forward. Just like I wouldn’t hold it against you if you decided to release an Uncanny X-Men Magneto (white costume please!) instead of continually failing to make a good classic one. Well-made figures in newer or less recognizable outfits are perfectly fine with me.

The original Marvel Legends Adam Warlock was on a new, short-lived body that really sucked. This one uses the classic Bucky Cap body, which is great, but is really starting to show its age. His hands are the same ones that come with Pizza Spider-Man, and they are removable. If you are feeling creative, are in possession of some red and black paints, and have a few spare Spider-hands laying around you could give him some additional hand options. A second fist would have been a super inclusion, I like symmetry sometimes.

Adam Warlock comes with two heads: his normal modern look and Magus. It’s a great two-for-one package that leaves me half tempted to buy another just to display both looks. Besides the Mantis build-a-figure head, he also includes those two bubbly blue energy effects we’ve seen with figures like Havok and Polaris in the past.

While he’s a really simple reuse figure I think Adam Warlock turned out really nice. Both of his head’s sculpts and paint look terrific and do a great job of capturing the character. He is in a more modern costume which may turn some fans off, especially when the classic toy is really bad by today’s standards (or the standards of the time it came out, really). For the most part they did a fantastic job with the red and black costume design paints. There’s a little slop here and there, as well as parts where the black shows through the red. But overall he’s a quality release and a great addition to the Guardians of the Galaxy/cosmic collection.

Marvel Legends GOTG Mantis Series Adam Warlock Review

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