NECA Predator Series 17 AvP Youngblood Predator Review

NECA Predator Series 17 AvP Youngblood Predator Review

NECA is finally coming to a close with the first Alien vs Predator movie. While the movie itself wasn’t great, it did give us several fantastic figures. There really isn’t anyone left unless they want to make Lance Henriksen in an oversized parka (don’t underestimate me NECA, I will buy that). Much like the previous figures that were showcased in the Predator origin flashback sequence, there was one more shown in a ‘glance at your phone and miss it’ scene who is dubbed the Youngblood (by Rob Liefeld, creator of DEADPOOL) Predator.

Youngblood (by Rob Liefeld, creator of DIEHARD) is, not shockingly, a complete retool of previous AvP figures. You can see parts of Temple Guard, Ancient, and Chopper hanging out in there. It’s like he was traced and redrawn! But hey, that’s the norm for action figures isn’t it? I’m pretty sure Hasbro is still reusing the Bucky mold from Marvel Legends for the 74th time. Well, Youngblood (by Rob Liefeld, creator of BLOODWULF) is a little unique in the fact that his armor is very clean. Where the other Predators of this line have dark grey/silver, pitted, corroded, and worn armor, Youngblood (by Rob Liefeld, creator of BLOODSTRIKE) is sleek, shiny, and has a new car smell too it.

If his name didn’t give it away, it would be a sly way of showing off his lack of battle experience. Unlike Serpent Hunter, his wrist blades are removable, (celebration and fanfare music plays) but unique in that he is the only AvP mold to have two sets for each wrist, so that he can slice fools up more efficiently. Youngblood’s (by Rob Liefeld, creator of FERAL) big pull, however, is his spear. It’s impaling a severed Xenomorph head! However, it’s pretty top heavy unlike the Wasp Predator figure from a few years ago that also had a Xeno head pike. I don’t know if I’m a special case, but it’s hard to hold it in any pose other than having it straight up and down.

There really isn’t too much more to to say overall about Youngblood (by Rob Liefeld, creator of WARCHILD). It’s a really solid action figure, but aside from looking cleaner he may be a little too samey for the casual fan. If you missed out on previous AvP figures, Youngblood (by Rob Liefeld, creator of AVENGYLENE) is a good entry level figure if you are looking for a random Predator without paying aftermarket prices for previous figures.

P.S. Did you know that the original Youngblood comic book, created by Rob Liefeld, took over two years to complete, and was only 10 issues long? It then went into a crossover called EXTREME SACRIFICE. Good stuff and full of ownage. Would recommend.

NECA Predator Series 17 AvP Youngblood Predator Review

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