Hasbro Marvel Legends Sandman BAF Green Goblin Review

Review Advent Calendar Day 12: Marvel Legends Sandman Series Green Goblin

If there was ever a Marvel Legend figure from Toy Biz that did not need a remake, it would probably be the Green Goblin. The Four Horsemen sculpted a just about perfect Green Goblin back in 2006 for the Toy Biz Onslaught build-a-figure wave. Ten years later that figure is still just about perfect by today’s standards, and is one of the rare Toy Biz figures that work with the new Hasbro aesthetic. So why did Hasbro decide to take another stab at old Norman Osborn? Let’s find out below …

Preternia’s Review Advent Calendar 2016 Day Twelve:
Hasbro Marvel Legends Sandman BAF Series Green Goblin

The writing was on the wall when Hobgoblin was revealed as part of the Space Venom build-a-figure wave. Green Goblin was coming. Hasbro wasted no time using this new, scaled body for Hobgoblin, Dreadknight, and now Green Goblin. I’m sure that they won’t stop there either. I could totally see a Black Knight somewhere in the future with this same body template.

I really only have a couple complaints about this figure. First, I wish they would have included some type of flight stand to hold up his glider. Goblin gliders just sitting on the floor are sad to look at. Goblins super villains need to be up in the air! They need to be free, mannnn! At the very least, Hasbro could have put a 5mm hole or something like that on the bottom of his glider since people like myself will go buy a stand if not provided with one.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Sandman BAF Green Goblin Review

They really should have included a Norman Osborn head. This is now the third use of this mold, so I’d imagine that there is enough budget for an alternate head. It’s actually a little confusing when you look at Green Goblin’s card because at first glance he appears to be packed with a Norman head. Upon closer inspection you will find out it’s actually the Sandman build-a-figure’s head and would look way too big on the slender Goblin body.

So should Green Goblin have been redone? The answer may shock you, but yes of course he should have been. The Onslaught wave’s version IS just about perfect. However, it was also released over ten years ago. A decade wait for an A-list villain is a really long time. Fans shouldn’t be expected to search out a figure that old to fill in a spot on their Spider-Man Marvel Legends shelf. This Green Goblin has a fantastic head sculpt and a rock-solid new body. If they had just included a couple more accessories then I would have said that he gives the original some real competition.

Green Goblin is part of the Marvel Legends Sandman build-a-figure wave and can be bought on Amazon. If you’d like to buy a case and get the entire set then Entertainment Earth has your back!

Final Verdict: He does nothing wrong really, and he’s a great figure for anybody new to Marvel Legends … NICE!things-to-do-between-christmas-and-new-year-s-what-s-up-amsterdam-4owu6g-clipart

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