DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Clayface Review

Review Advent Calendar Day 15: DCC Batman TAS Clayface

Yesterday I got to take a look at Sandman, Marvel’s version of the guy I’m opening today: Clayface. I caught an early evening showing of Rogue One, so I’m probably going to keep today’s review a little shorter. I’m pretty beat, and it’s getting to be Christmas shopping crunch time … so stressful! Let’s take a look at Clayface, another Batman’s rouge gallery favorite of mine. [Editor’s note: I scheduled this to post yesterday, and it didn’t post for some reason … so here it is]

Preternia’s Review Advent Calendar 2016 Day Fifteen:
DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series Clayface

The last single character we got in deluxe packaging was Man-Bat, and at the $25 price point (which was the same as single figures at the time) he felt like a bargain. Prices have gone up since last year (single figures are now $28), and unfortunately Clayface wasn’t afforded the same low price as the last deluxe. Clayface came with a MSRP of $40, which I was willing to accept because of who he is. I still think that’s a little bit steep for what we got, but I can’t sit and harp over price forever. How badly did I want a Clayface figure? Apparently $40 plus tax badly.

DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Clayface Review

Clayface comes packed with an extra head, three arm attachments, and a figure stand. The heads are made from a softer plastic than the rest of his body. I’m assuming this is to allow him to turn his head without scraping the crap out of his body. As far as likeness goes, I feel like the faces are ever so slightly off the animation model, but not enough to upset me. The neutral expression face is fine, but the big open mouth is the real winner here.

All of his arms attach at the elbow and you have your choice between regular arms with hands, an axe hand, a spiked ball and chain, and a hook. I’m going to go ahead and whine here, but I think some of these could have benefited from wrist swivels. The shoulders already have a pretty limited range of motion. So combine that with an axe or open hand that can only face one direction, and it becomes a little bit of a disappointing situation. There was budget to give the ball and chain an actual chain, but a few wrist cuts weren’t in the cards.

DC Collectibles Batman The Animated Series Clayface Review

Clayface is a nice figure, but he isn’t all that great. Thankfully he’s not a complete tragedy like the Mattel one that had the sticky rubber arms which would collect every hair or dust particle in your house. This Clayface is just okay. For a top-heavy character like him he should have a much better range of motion in his shoulders. There is practically none, and you have to really push on the joints to get them to move. Excessive pressure is one thing I sincerely try to avoid with DC Collectibles due to past experiences of breakage.

Clayface is currently available on Amazon. Or your local comic shop if you choose to venture out from the house.

Final Verdict: Overall you are a nice figure, but your limited articulation is disappointing … NAUGHTY!things-to-do-between-christmas-and-new-year-s-what-s-up-amsterdam-4owu6g-clipart

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