Hasbro Marvel Legends Sandman BAF Build-A-Figure Review

Review Advent Calendar Day 14: Marvel Legends Sandman Build-A-Figure

Day 14, we’re officially past the half way point and heading into the home stretch now! I’ve been reviewing Sandman’s wave for the better part of these two weeks, so now it’s time to take a look at the big guy himself. Does he allow me to put the old Toy Biz figure to rest? Is he better than the previous Hasbro build-a-figure from Spider-Man 3? Questions will be answered now …

Preternia’s Review Advent Calendar 2016 Day Fourteen:
Hasbro Marvel Legends Sandman Build-A-Figure

We got a little taste of this Sandman with 2016’s San Diego Comic Con Exclusive ‘The Raft‘ set. It was a more basic version of the build-a-figure with normal arms and sandy-brown color scheme. Little did we know at the time that the SDCC version would be the only way to get those regular arms. The build-a-figure, while colored normal, does not include a set of non-sandy, non-extended arms. That probably would have been a great inclusion if there was an eighth figure in this wave.

Sandman is split up between six figures, and then Symbiote Spider-Man offers optional hand replacements. This continues a trend with figures like Spider-Gwen or Deadpool where the most popular character in the wave either doesn’t include a build-a-figure piece, or has an optional part.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Sandman BAF Build-A-Figure Review

We began 2016 with a Spider-Man wave in which we built Absorbing Man. Sandman is essentially the same body with a new head and arms. It’s fitting we end the year with the same exact mold! I feel like Sandman wears the mold really well. This is certainly helped by his two amazing head sculpts, one normal and the other battle-damaged. The sandy texture of his hair is also a great touch.

One thing to look out for with the Sandman is that with his giant arms he can become a bit of a balancing act. Sure, you can leave him with his arms down at his side, but what fun is that? Dynamic posing will require a little more creative positioning of his body to support his arms.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Sandman BAF Build-A-Figure Review

The Marvel Comics version of Sandman is probably my third favorite Sandman after the monster from ‘The Real Ghostbusters‘ and the former pro wrestler who I’d have to assume is dead by now. So is this Sandman worth buying a whole wave of Spider-Man figures to build? Absolutely! The old Toy Biz version had a neat texturing over his sculpt and was quite good for its time. But like most Toy Biz figures, the aesthetic just doesn’t work as well today. This is the Sandman we needed and deserved. He’d be just about be perfect if they had only given him a pair of normal arms.

Looking to complete Sandman all out once? Entertainment Earth sells cases at very reasonable prices!

Final Verdict: He’s a bad dude but he looks so NICE!things-to-do-between-christmas-and-new-year-s-what-s-up-amsterdam-4owu6g-clipart

Nice listAT-AT Driver, Inferno, TMNT WWE Ninja Superstars, Shocker, Ms. Marvel, Jackal, Ultimate Scarface Predator, Green Goblin, Sandman
Naughty listSymbiote Spider-Man, The Ventriloquist and Scarface, AJ Styles, All New, All Different Spider-Man 2099, The Ringmaster Steve Austin


2 thoughts on “Review Advent Calendar Day 14: Marvel Legends Sandman Build-A-Figure”

  1. It’s funny that you’re reviewing this just as I finally completed building Absorbing Man (Yeah, took me 12 months for me to finally do it. Heh.).

    I’m glad Hasbro made this Sandman figure so much better than the Comic Con/The Raft version. Now he looks more like the Marvel Legends Sandman that I dream of getting. I’m absolutely now planning to buy the entire wave in one go mainly because of this figure. 🙂

    One question, can the Comic Con/The Raft version figure’s limbs be taken off and fit into the BAF version?

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