Mattel MOTUC Tuskador Review

Review Advent Calendar Day 18: Mattel MOTUC Tuskador

Tuskador’s “power” makes absolutely no sense to me. His gimmick is to have giant tusks coming out of his chest. These tusks are then used to capture enemies, kind of like you would with a cage, but instead with his tusks. In space. Because why not? Then again, this is Masters of the Universe.

Preternia’s Review Advent Calendar 2016 Day Eighteen:
Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics Tuskador

Combined with the Horde Wraith, Tuskador is the final figure of Mattel’s “Collector’s Choice” subscription program. Super7 is slated to continue both the regular and Filmation subscriptions as of next year, but until then this will be the end of the line. It’ll be nice to take a few month break from Masters of the Universe Classics, anyway. I’ve been feeling the fatigue for a couple years now, but I still stuck it out for the most part. I did go a little nuts recently and grabbed some of the larger vehicle sets I passed on the first time like Point Dread and the Battle Ram. It’s amazing how much more enticing those high priced items are at 50% off and free shipping!

If you like big heavy action figures, then Tuskador will tickle your fancy. He really is a giant brick of plastic. If I ever need to break a window, I know what I will be bringing along with me. There isn’t a large amount of reuse from Ram Man in Tuskador. The arms and torso are it, and those are both covered with a large overlay.

Mattel MOTUC Tuskador Review

The biggest issue I ran into with Tuskador is his very limited articulation range. The ball-joints in his shoulders are rendered just about useless by his huge armor parts. They swivel fine but don’t expect much in the way of outward movement. He also has an interesting issue with his ankles. The right foot has a rocker joint and the left does not. We’ve seen unintentional reversed parts before, but this is one of the stranger design decisions I’ve run into with Masters of the Universe Classics. He still stands fine, however. Just don’t expect any wide stances with his feet flush to the floor.

Tuskador comes packed with two sets of tusks and a blaster pistol. The long pair of tusks are vintage toy accurate and can be used to act out his ‘action feature‘ of capturing evil villains. The smaller tusks are good for that fresh haircut look. His helmet is also removable so you can get a better look at the man behind the tusks. No fault to the figure, but I managed to lose his gun roughly ten minutes after opening him. This review-a-day thing is causing giant pileups in the Preternia offices, and accessories are being lost to the abyss regularly!

Mattel MOTUC Tuskador Review

Final Verdict: A giant chunk of figure is cool to have, but some of these articulation points could have been thought through better. For that you get a NAUGHTY!things-to-do-between-christmas-and-new-year-s-what-s-up-amsterdam-4owu6g-clipart

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